GardensAM development environment

GERP is an advanced ERP system that has its own development platform and its own implementation subsystem (RunTime). Such ERP platforms compile or interpret the code partially in real time only as required for the objects that are being used, which are stored in the source form in the database. Examples are MS Dynamics Nav systems with C/SIDE technology and C/AL language, Dynamics AX with MorphX technology and X++ language or SAP/R3 with SAP NetWeaver technology and ABAP language, GERP with GardensAM technology and QLX language is also such a system.

The scale and dynamism of changes in modern advanced ERP systems makes it impossible to maintain and properly develop this type of software in the traditional way, as compiled modules of one or more programs. For example, GERP in the standard layer contains: about 2 thousand windows, more than a thousand data structures (Data Schema Tree) and several thousand data fields. For this purpose you need a specialized and integrated development environment for ERP applications. According to the available business data, there is no second system on the Polish market (except GERP) with such advanced and dedicated for ERP technology specialized and built from scratch towards optimal building and development of


ERP applications. There is no second such platform with its own higher level (above database definitions) data structure definitions, own definitions of specialized data types, own programming language, own code compiler directly into the call tree, and other elements that determine the completeness of the IDE environment for building and developing ERP applications, without the need to use other IT technologies. The whole process of building and developing is done only in GardensAM IDE, which is part of the whole ERP system and at the same time brings it to life. This can only be compared with SAP NetWeaver technology, whether C/SIDE or MorphX. All applications known to us on the Polish market sold as ERP systems do not have this feature. They are either applications compiled with the help of generally available IT tools or additionally have the possibility of parameterization or area for scripting procedures. In such a case it is not possible to change most of the structure and most of the application functions. In case of GERP, 100% of the system functionality is written in QLX language delivered with the application, which makes it possible to change and adjust any system function. There is no logic or structure of the system, which cannot be changed without the manufacturer’s participation.