3-layer architecture

Advanced ERP systems have an integrated development environment to ensure continuous development of the system’s functionality without great cost overhead. There are generally very few development technologies of this type on the market for 3-ply solutions dedicated to work in the cloud. Most cloud-based ERP systems do so using an artificially created 3rd layer, RDP, which is much more expensive to operate because it requires an IaaS model.

It turns out that the only integrated environment among native ERP systems that provides continuous development in both the 3 layer architecture for the cloud in the SaaS model and the 2 layer architecture (with RDP) in the IaaS model is GardensERP.

The thin client of GardensERP works on any mobile device and can connect to an application server visible as Web Apps in the Azure cloud (SaaS model). The development, i.e. any extension or change of functionality, takes place in one environment integrated directly into the application server repository database. After a change in one place we immediately have the effect on all layers of the system. The change of operation is visible both with a thick client and thin clients in Windows, Android, MacOS, but also in any web browser.

GardensERP also has a thick client containing both the application execution kernel and GardensAM’s integrated IDE development environment for its expansion.

It is a myth that the system available in the cloud cannot be adapted to the individual needs of the client. The answer is Gardens-Software, which is the only manufacturer to provide an integrated development environment dedicated to both on-premise and SaaS and IaaS configurations. Until now, the barrier to customizing an ERP system available in the cloud was only technology and not, as many falsely claim, the way of selling access to one program as a service. Myths preach that companies that build systems for companies in 2 layer architecture and do not have any modern development technologies. In the GardensERP CloudBasic system any and all modifications are made individually for the customer. This is only possible and simple if the service provider has an integrated development environment to store the repository of application objects inside a client-specific database.

GardensAM® technology provides application development for both 2-layer (database<->thick client) and 3-layer (database<-> application server<->thin client) configurations.

Thus, the GardensERP system allows any software sales configuration in SaaS, IaaS, PaaS or on-premise models.

Gardens ERP system configurations using your own infrastructure (on-premise).

Gardens ERP configurations using cloud models (SaaS and IaaS).