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Dynamically growing companies need not only a functional program that manages company processes, but also a platform on which this functionality grows and develops dynamically with the company. That is why we have developed our own, new high-level programming language, built a compiler and entire integrated, specialized and optimized application development environment for ERP systems. All this to facilitate the processes of implementation, change and building IT solutions in companies.
We conduct implementation projects and build a partner network in our country. The basic mission of Gardens-Software is to promote awareness of the division of the ERP market into 2 categories: non-modifiable “boxed” applications and ERP platforms. A modern ERP system is a developmental platform requiring an implementation methodology, which is based on the objective of innovative company restructuring.

Gardens team
One of Gardens – Software’s strongest points is the team. We are a group of enthusiasts who are fully committed to all activities that affect the satisfaction of our customers.
Among us there are specialists and professionals, people with extensive experience in the IT systems industry. We have many years of experience in the implementation of IT systems that facilitate the efficient management of the company. We have participated in nearly 250 implementations both in Poland and abroad. By implementing software in many companies, we have acquired knowledge of various industries. We know different programming languages and databases. Apart from developing the system and providing services to our clients, we are also successful in the scientific field. We have developed a training program for universities of economics and technology in the methodology of system implementation with our own IDE platform. We are able to analyze the market using multidimensional techniques.
Our priority has always been a well done job, so as to deliver a top quality product. We value our ability to work as a team – we create many ideas together. We are also willing to cooperate with partner companies. The new Implementation Consultants regularly join the ranks of our team and together with us they have a real impact on creating new quality.

Our experience
The Gardens team has extensive experience not only in the development and implementation of ERP systems, but also in the management and operation of corporate structures, thanks to which we are able to develop individual solutions supporting the implementation of the client’s business strategy in a short time. Our history includes nearly 250 implementation projects for small, medium and large companies in Poland and abroad. Thanks to the unique combination of many years of implementation experience, substantial knowledge and experience in sales and marketing, finance, distribution and production, we are ready to act as your advisor in the whole implementation process.
We have developed software solutions dedicated to many specific industries and applications. We support companies dealing with wholesale and network sales, both small stores as well as large wholesalers or markets. The system enables them to work both online and offline – i.e. without the necessity of permanent connection with the headquarters. We support the management of transport logistics, service and maintenance system or high-bay warehouse WMS.

Gardens provides measurable benefits to companies providing construction and maintenance services, efficiently managing the database of facilities, equipment and service orders. In this respect, it is an essential element of work organization, which guarantees full professionalism of service provision. Remote reporting of failures, preview of the status of service requests or spare parts orders are examples of benefits resulting from using dedicated system solutions.

In response to the growing demand of the e-commerce 

industry, Gardens has created an online platform that enables constant contact with customers. Comprehensive and automated handling of the entire sales process is based on the b2b portal – from product presentation to invoicing. The solution includes extensive functionality of orders entered into the web application, as well as an extensive promotional system for wholesale customers. Such a solution guarantees our customers the consistency of data (e.g. commercial conditions, settlements, price lists) and the speed of its implementation and operation. For customers who have based their operations on trade via online stores, our platform provides a basis for integrating and automating the entire supply chain directly or indirectly from external suppliers to the retail customer.
We design various solutions for production process models using the base area of MES (Manufacturing Execution System), which, thanks to the use of advanced tools, enables handling any type and scale of production at any level of detail. Gardens allows you to configure the production planning process during the implementation of the application, which makes it tailored to individual company expectations. Therefore, it is possible to use both manual and fully automated planning procedures, using complex algorithms or action schemes.
We have had the opportunity to provide services also for companies from the catering industry, service companies, advertising agencies or medical institutions.
In large corporations the implementation of solutions contained in the Gardens system supports the difficult processes of financial consolidation on the scale of the entire capital group, enabling quick access to reliable and comparable data showing the economic values of individual business entities.
We also solve various problems of non-corporate clients related to the management of complex processes, such as the management of cultural institutions, where online bookings and sales are important, graphic design of the audience map, integration with POS devices, and finally, specific accounting reporting, in which, among other things, Rb-WSa reports and structural expenses are reported according to classification codes.
We have implemented systems designed to support specialized industries for our customers, where we dedicate hybrid solutions, such as industrial printing production support integrated with SAP system.
We constantly monitor the market of offered ERP applications and analyze information received from our implementation partners as we want our system to be better and better. Our overriding goal is to provide the highest quality solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers, therefore we also attach particular importance to understanding the principles of operation and mechanisms that determine the success of our customers’ business ventures.
Thanks to the unique combination of many years of implementation experience, expertise and experience in sales and marketing, finance, distribution and production, we are ready to act as your advisor during the entire implementation process.



Bogusław Błochowiak
Member of the Board, Implementation Director

Bogusław Błochowiak, being in a three-person team with Robert Wojtkowski in IT.integro, participated in Microsoft Dynamics Nav implementation projects. He is the author of the Gardens ERP system implementation methodology. In Gardens-Software he manages implementation projects and supervises the work of subordinate teams in the field of implementation and support of the system at customers.

Robert Wojtkowski
President of the Board 

Robert Wojtkowski in the 90s of the last century was a part of a three-person team, which was the first in Poland to lead Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) implementation projects. He conducted many implementation projects both in Poland and abroad.
Robert Wojtkowski is the main architect of GAM technology, together with his team he built application development environment – GardensAM and GERP system. As an expert on behalf of Microsoft Business Solution, he also developed a didactic program for universities of economics and technology throughout Poland, in the methodology of implementation of ERP systems with their own development platform (IDE).