Dedicated solutions

Companies which build its management logic on the process approach to the business activities we offer tailor-made solutions, based on our application development platform – IDE GAM.

Integrated Development Environment GAM gives an opportunity to develop real dedicated, unique solutions that bring measuralbe financial benefits. IDE GAM platform is fully accessible to our clients and partners, which means possibility  of self-development of tailor-made solutions or use for this purpose the resources of our implementation partners.

We create a truly dedicated, unique solutions that bring measurable financial benefits, and are perfectly matched to our clients needs.

Examples of tailor-made solutions

Gardens Retail Network Management

Gardens Retail Network Management is a fully scalable solution that can reveal your full potential both in small and large retail chains. The Shop Network Management system provides mechanisms that are a prerequisite for efficient retail operations. What makes this system different from other business software, is its specialist functionality designed for retail chains and wholesale stores, including: Retail outlets, Food stores, Drug and chemist’s stores, Shoe and clothes stores, Franchise stores, Construction stores or Automotive stores. Gardens Retail Network Management is a method to manage a retail company efficiently, regardless of its size.

Enhanced analytics

Information is the most effective weapon to overcome your market competitors. Instant access to clear information in Gardens ERP, decreases the risk of errors and reduces costs. Besides, Gardens ERP can be used with Business Intelligence software.

The Gardens Retail Network Management software contains the following modules:

  • Central
    Gardens Retail Network Management is a perfect solution for retail chains where it is necessary to monitor retail stores centrally. The implementation of the Central module provides a global approach to the management of sales and customer service in all stores using Gardens Store.
  • Sales
    The Sales module focuses on functional versatility and scalability. Therefore, it has broad applications in many industries. It is recommended as a software solution both for single wholesale stores and retail chain stores.
  • Purchases and replenishment
    The solution supports the purchase of goods by streamlining and facilitating the process. The solution uses electronic data exchange and advanced mechanism for decision making.
  • Store
    Gardens Store is a simple, easy-to-use tool for sales and customer service management. In spite of its simplicity, the system offers unlimited capabilities. Within the system, you can access and manage all information on customer, warehouse, item, points of sale and cashier cards. The whole sales process is registered and it can be traced by using comprehensive analytic tools. 
  • Warehouse + High-storage warehouse
    Due to innovative solutions and streamlined workflow, the process of receiving goods takes less time in Gardens Retail Network Management. Thus, operational costs can be reduced and warehouse surfaces can be used optimally. Consequently, you can respond to your customers’ needs fast and flexibly.



Gardens Food & Drink

Gardens Food & Drink is an efficient method to manage your restaurant, caffe or bar.

The professionally designed system is fully customized to support the hospitability sector with its main focus on accelerating and organizing work procedures. Due to its simplicity of use and comprehensive functionality, it enables you to offer better quality services to your customers which results in the growth of your company’s turnover.

The modernity of Gardens solutions means more effective management of processes in your restaurant or bar. It also means time savings and work efficiency which guarantee greater customer satisfaction. Due to our solutions, you will be able to improve the market image of your company, and leave your competitors behind.
Gardens Food & Drink is a solution designed for restaurant or cafe retail chains. In the case of such enterprises, effective customer service is a key factor for their growth. By using Gardens, it is possible to enhance customer service processes. In addition, Gardens’ offers functions for touchpad panels and mobile devices such as palmtops. Based on practical experience, it is estimated that such devices may help you to achieve a 30 percent increase in customer service efficiency. Consequently, faster and more effective customer service results in a 20 percent higher turnover.

A professionally built system completely customized to support the hospitability sector with its main focus on accelerating and organizing work processes.

Prepress Efficiency Management

Prepress Efficiency Management has been developed in response to specific needs of rotogravure printing. The system is designed to reduce production costs by improving the management of cylinder resources used for printing production.

Prepress Efficiency Management is a method for effective printing production management. The professionally-built system facilitates production processes and customer relationship in all companies. All applications incorporated in Gardens have been completely adapted to the specific requirements of the industry.

Prepress Efficiency Management includes the following modules:

• Prepress Efficiency
Managing the process of pre-press production, along with cylinders service
• Claims & Quality Service
Claims management and quality control
• Paint Warehouse
Management of a paint warehouse
• Production Planning
Optimization of the production process

System functions simplify your access to complete information on current inventory of cylinder resources. By using terminal readers, it is possible to register unique identification information of cylinder resources, which enables you to automate and streamline cylinder physical inventory and storing processes. The system is also capable of tracking and analyzing cylinder history. It is especially useful for optimizing the processes of cylinder reusage and subsequent production stages.

Both these and many other solutions show exceptional flexibility of the system. We have the ability to create a solution for every industry thanks to expanded features of our system.