Gardens allows you to create additional functionalities or model them according to your changing business needs.
It is an open system that allows you to create links with other programs that serve other areas of your business.
In principle, the Gardens system is individually tailored to the needs of each customer every time. All this is done quickly and cheaply. Gardens is:
⦁ The ability to work on multiple databases simultaneously
⦁ Platform open for integration with other applications
⦁ Flexible tool for high functional stability
The versatility and availability of GAM technology enables the handling of any scenario and full integration of all processes. Uniform platform
Gardens, developed with a single high-level programming language, provides multiple user interfaces at once:
⦁ Desktop graphics application
⦁ Web application
⦁ Application on mobile devices
⦁ application on portable terminal barcode scanners
⦁ system of off-line distributed applications with local databases, replicating data to a central database
In order to react effectively to external factors, a company running a business needs tools that will allow it to effectively change its business processes in a short time. The answer to this demand is Gardens ERP, a system whose every specific implementation is an individual version, adapted in the implementation process to the specific requirements of the company. Its distinguishing feature is its flexibility, characterized by the ability to make quick changes in selected areas without compiling the entire application.
This ease of modification makes the system evolve during its use and is constantly adapted to the changing economic reality, and above all, it follows the individual direction of development of a given enterprise. Another unique feature of Gardens ERP is that it can be modified not only by a specialized IT system integrator, but also by the customer himself, through his trained staff, which effectively reduces the cost of modifications.
The strength of the system is not the ready functionality at all, but the willingness to freely modify it to meet customer needs and a model that assumes permanent development and growth. Our overriding goal is to provide the highest quality solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers, therefore we also attach particular importance to understanding the principles of operation and mechanisms that determine the success of our customers’ business ventures.